Meet Devin

Welcome!  I am a twenty-something graduate of James Madison University who currently resides in Virginia and works as a Flight Attendant.  I am marrying one of my oldest friends and the love of my life in October 2020.  We stay active caring for our two rambunctious pups and traveling as often as our schedules allow.

In March 2019, at 26 years old, doctors diagnosed me with type 1 diabetes.  What a lifestyle change it has been!

Writing has always been my escape.  Since I was a little girl, I have kept a diary.  I started this blog as a creative outlet to express my discoveries, successes, failures and moments of enlightenment living with diabetes.  I hope my trials, travels and tribulations encourage you to keep living, despite your diagnosis.  I hope this blog makes you feel a little less alone.  I hope you reach out and share your stories, your tips and your tricks.

Diabetes management has a life-long learning curve, and I cannot wait to learn with you!